Missouri River Flood Task Force

Missouri River Flood Task Force Howard & Gertrude Ettleman, Percival, IA. Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Hamburg Breach, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Displayed Buck, Courtesy of Jason McCauley, BIA The Beast, Hwy 136, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman

Floodplain Management Working Group


Randy Behm, Chief, Flood Risk and Floodplain Management Section
Hydrologic Engineering Branch USACE Omaha District


Brad Thompson, USACE Omaha District


Promote gathering, sharing, and disseminating of information associated with the Missouri River floodplain and to provide a platform for open dialog around the information needs of group members. This group will develop a flood hazard identification and mitigation toolbox of resources and information, best practices and lessons learned, and provide it to stakeholders for their use.


Develop Flood Risk Identification Toolbox
Develop Potential Mitigation Toolbox
Identify Potential Constraints to Flood Hazard Identification and Mitigation
Exchange Technical Data
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