Missouri River Flood Task Force

Missouri River Flood Task Force Howard & Gertrude Ettleman, Percival, IA. Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Hamburg Breach, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Displayed Buck, Courtesy of Jason McCauley, BIA The Beast, Hwy 136, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman

Missouri River Flood Task Force (MRFTF)

This website houses the archived webpages of the Missouri River Flood Task Force, a collaborative flood recovery effort following the historic Missouri River flood of summer 2011. The webpages are maintained to provide a public repository for the work accomplished by the Missouri River Flood Task Force and in the event that a similar Task Force needs to be activated following a future disaster.

This 9-month flood recovery effort (September 2011 – May 2012) resulted in completing initial repairs by 1 March 2012 as well as longer-term recovery activities to address floodplain management challenges in the Missouri River basin. The Missouri River Flood Task Force provided a temporary forum for communication, coordination, collaboration and cooperation among the federal officials and designated officers of state, local and Tribal governments within the States of Nebraska, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas and Missouri.

While the Task Force has concluded its work, several of the Work Groups continue to talk on an ad-hoc basis. If you would like to get involved, you can sign up via the “add me to the email list” link for that particular Work Group (found in the left menu)

Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Big Elk Park, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Courtesy of Maddison Sieck Courtesy of Maddison Sieck