Missouri River Flood Task Force

Missouri River Flood Task Force Howard & Gertrude Ettleman, Percival, IA. Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Hamburg Breach, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Displayed Buck, Courtesy of Jason McCauley, BIA The Beast, Hwy 136, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman

Tribal Support Working Group


Diane Mann-Klager, Natural Resources Officer, Bureau of Indian Affairs

One of the challenges for the Missouri River Flood Task Force (MRFTF) is quality information exchange with the 29 Tribes within the Missouri River basin affected by the 2011 flooding. The MRFTF ‘s Tribal Outreach Working Group (Working Group) acts as a conduit for information exchange on tribal issues. There are two actions for the Working Group at this time. One is to assist the MRFTF Co-Chairs in reaching out to invite the 29 Tribes to participate in the Task Force. The other is to facilitate information exchange on flooding impacts and restoration activities to and from the Tribes and MRFTF and its working groups.

Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Big Elk Park, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Courtesy of Maddison Sieck Courtesy of Maddison Sieck