Missouri River Flood Task Force

Missouri River Flood Task Force Howard & Gertrude Ettleman, Percival, IA. Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Hamburg Breach, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman Displayed Buck, Courtesy of Jason McCauley, BIA The Beast, Hwy 136, Courtesy of Leo Ettleman

Missouri River Flood Task Force (MRFTF)


Flood Risk Management - A Shared Responsibility     There are many challenges associated with the immediate and long-term restoration of the Missouri River Basin flood plain for all levels of government (federal, tribal, state and local). In an era of constrained resources and many demands on the public treasury, the post-flood recovery period provides a window of opportunity for increased collaboration, shared vision and responsibility, wise investment of scarce resources, and streamlined decision making, all leading to a better future for the people we serve throughout the Missouri River Basin (MRB).


    The Missouri River Flood Task Force will provide a temporary forum for coordination, collaboration and cooperation among the federal officials and designated officers of state, local and Tribal governments within the States of Nebraska, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas and Missouri. The mission of the Task Force is to complete initial repairs by 1 March 2012 and to conduct long-term recovery activities in response to the Missouri River Basin flood of 2011 to address flood-plain management challenges and keep comprehensive flood risk reduction as a top priority. The Task Force is chartered to seize the opportunity to shape the future of the flood plain, and to set conditions for success for all involved by streamlining governmental processes; accelerating necessary assessments, coordination, and permitting requirements; and by applying agile and critical thinking to the problem set. These coordinated efforts will ensure timely progress and yield the intended results on the ground in the immediate future, and lead to a comprehensive recovery plan to achieve long-term flood risk management.


Mr. Tom Christensen, Regional Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service Central Region,         U.S. Department of Agriculture
Ms. Beth Freeman, Administrator, Region VII, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Brigadier General McMahon, Commander, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Missouri River Flood Task Force Conceptual Organization Chart Click here for expanded view
  • Federal agencies with authorities and responsibilities in the MRB
  • Tribal members designated by their tribal chairman to participate
  • State government designated leads

Partners, Observers, Contributors:

    We intend to perform this work in an open, transparent and collaborative way, such that others in the basin (non-governmental organizations, associations, media) may participate in the various efforts and initiatives.

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