4/22  GAPT PPO #73

Combined Res Reg / Power Prod Order No. 73
Effective From:  0000 Hrs: 04/23/2014 Through 2400 Hrs: 04/23/2014

(A)	Daily Release Schedule (Avg Discharge in cfs) - 27,000

Spillway closure authorized approximately 1100-1300 for inspection.  After inspection, total release should be 33,000 cfs for 2 hours, and then return releases to 27,000 cfs.										 

(B)	Daily Generation Schedule in MWh - 1700 

		Maximum Allowable : As Reqd. 
		Minimum Allowable : As Reqd. 
(C)  Hourly Power Limitations in 1,000 kW 

		Maximum :  N.A.
		Minimum :  N.A.

(D)	Apply Provisions of Order No. ST-1, 1989.  


Current Conditions
Pagemaster: Water Management; CENWD-PDM
Internet E-Mail Address: Missouri.Water.Management@nwd02.usace.army.mil
Document Date: 06-Nov-06