Spring Rise Formulation Alternatives

Spring Rise Alternatives Report (Naming Convention - Table 2)

Revised Table 2

Draft Supplement to Spring Rise Alternatives Report

Plenary Group Alternatives
R25000 R25000.zip R250F3 R250F3.zip    
HMU000 HMU000.zip HMU0F3 HMU0F3.zip HMU0F0 HMU0F0.zip
HMU040 HMU040.zip HMU403 HMU403.zip    
HMU049 HMU049.zip HMU493 HMU493.zip    
SEC000  SEC000.zip    

Technical Group Alternatives
NWCP NWCP00.zip    
MRBIO3 MRBIO3.zip    
MR16FS MR16FS.zip MR16MN MR16MN.zip
MR16F1 MR16F1.zip MR16M1 MR16M1.zip
MR16F2 MR16F2.zip MR16M2 MR16M2.zip
MR16F3 MR16F3.zip MR16M3 MR16M3.zip
MRBIO4 MRBIO4.zip    
MBIO53 MBIO53.zip  MBI53N MBI53N.zip
MRBP32 MRBP32.zip MB53NP MB53NP.zip
MRBP52 MRBP52.zip    
BIO521 BIO521.zip     
BIO500 BIO500.zip    
BIO518 BIO518.zip    
B5DANN B5DANN.zip    
B16JUN B16JUN.zip    
LT2512 LT2512.zip LT5012 LT5012.zip
LT2525 LT2525.zip LT5025 LT5025.zip
LT2537 LT2537.zip LT5037 LT5037.zip
LT2550 LT2550.zip LT5050 LT5050.zip

FEIS Preferred Alternative (MCP300 file names)


Alternatives Selected for Detailed Evaluation (RDEIS Summary and Chapter 7)
Name in RDEIS Filename
MCP CORP00.zip
GP1528 MR1528.zip
GP2021 MR2021.zip
GP1521 MR1521.zip
GP2028 MR2028.zip

Alternatives Submitted to the Corps for Consideration (RDEIS Chapter 5)
MLDDA - Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association ABADG0.zip
ARNRC - American Rivers/Missouri River Natural Resources Committee combined alternatives MRNRC1.zip
MRBA - Missouri River Basin Association MRBA00.zip
MODC - Missouri Department of Conservation MODC00.zip
BIOP - USFWS - prescribed in the Biological Opinion USFW22.zip
FWS30 - USFWS alternative w/ 30-kcfs spring rise from Gavins Point Dam and same summer flows as BIOP alternative USFW32.zip

File Extensions
ZIP Zip archive file, pkunzip, winzip or like software
Q1D Daily discharge file for Upper River – Gavins Point Dam to Fort Peck Dam
Q2D Daily discharge file for Lower River – Gavins Point Dam to Hermann, MO
Q1M Average monthly discharge file for Upper River
Q2M Average monthly discharge file for Lower River
SGM End-of-month system storage
ELM End-of-month lake levels